ICMP is delighted to announce it will be hosting its Careers Festival 2022. 

Taking place from 9th May, the event will see top professionals from across the music industry discussing their careers and different areas of the business. 

The virtual sessions will be split into The Artist Stage, The Writer/Producer Stage, The Muso Stage and The Music for Film, TV and Games Stage. 

James Brister, ICMP’s Industry Liaison Manager, said: 

We're very excited to be welcoming some of the music industry’s top professionals to 2022’s Careers Festival to share their insight and knowledge."

"This event will feature inspirational advice and career tips aimed at supporting our students on their musical journeys. I’m particularly pleased to be welcoming our alumni to the talks who will be well placed to share how the lessons they took at ICMP have helped them to go on to enjoy fantastic industry careers."

Each session will be hosted by James and attendees will have the opportunity to put their own questions to the panel. 

Students and alumni can find out more at Careers +.

9th May | The Artist Stage 

I need a Manager! Or do I? 

What does a manager actually do? Why do you think you might need one? Why might you actually need one? Why would a manager need you? All important questions to consider at the 'right' time in your development.

Panel: Richard Fairlie and Loretta Andrews, Artist Manager. 

Stream Me! Like Me! Love Me! 

Streaming, it's the most important part of building an artist's profile and fanbase - or is it? This webinar discusses the importance of streaming but expanding on how it is just one part of the bigger picture and strategy in terms of building a fanbase.

Panel: Preye Crooks (Head of A&R at Robots and Humans, part of Sony Music) and Jamila Scott (Artist Manager).  

10th May | The Writer/Producer Stage 

Why Would a Publisher Sign Me?

What actually is a publishing deal? What is a publisher looking for in an artist? In a writer? In a writer/producer? What makes one person 'attractive' in terms of offering them a deal, and another person; not so much? What can you be doing to build towards 'readiness' when connecting with a publisher?

Panel: Jazz Rocket (writer/producer Manager at 67 Artists) and Chimene Mantori, Senior A&R Manager at a Sony ATV Publishing UK.  

How To Get Cuts With Artists

What is a 'cut'? Why are they important to a writer/producer? How do you go about getting into more sessions with artists? What about 'pitching' your songs; does that work? How do I get better at writing with artists; what things should I be doing?

Panel: Victoria Becks, writer/producer manager and A&R at Matter Music and Laura Welsh, artist and songwriter for other artists. 

11th May | The Musos Stage  

How To Get The Gig (For Musos)

How do you get the gig as part of the band that has just been announced for the next big thing? Who should you get to know? How can they discover you? What should you be doing to increase the chances of gaining work?

Panel: TBC

Revenue, Revenue, Revenue

As a musician, it's unlikely that your income will come from just one source.  Instead, the likelihood is that you will have multiple revenue strands, from various different sources and they can change, grow, evolve, downsize, be replaced at a number of moments throughout your career. This webinar is a discussion around various ways in which to build this 'portfolio career'.

Panel: Salena Mastroianni (Independent artist, writer, session vocalist, performer, fitness coach, entrepreneur) and more TBC.   

12th May | The Music For Film, TV and Games Stage

How To Get My Song Sync'd

How do you get your absolute smash of a song, placed on a film, TV show, advert or computer game? Who should you be contacting and what should you be contacting them with? How can you make your song/yourself more appealing to the people who are making the decisions?

Panel: Pam Lewis-Rudden (Sync Manager @ Plutonic Group) and more TBC. 

Writing Music for Film, TV and Games

Library music, catalogues, playlists, pitching, licensing, briefs ... all terms that are often thrown into the mix when talking about writing bespoke music for film/TV/games/adverts, but what do each of them mean and how might one or all of them impact you?

Panel: Geoff Cox (Head of Production Music Supervisor @ Universal Production Music) and more TBC. 

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