Our first-ever music industry podcast

Hosted by Lara Magnelli, a member of our Marketing team, each episode of The Interview Series is an informal, insightful, and inspiring conversation with a variety of music industry professionals: from songwriters, producers, composers, and session players to people working in music for film, TV, and games, record labels, PRs, music charities, and more.

Discussing their careers, showbiz anecdotes, as well as matters of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the music business and beyond, with a common denominator at heart: their devotion to music.

New episodes are released every other Thursday.




Lara chats with Jason Bavanandan, songwriter, producer, and former lead singer of the indie-rock band Battle, currently teaching on ICMP's BA Songwriting programme.

Jason took his first steps in the music industry as the lead singer and songwriter of the indie-rock phenomenon Battle, releasing two acclaimed albums and touring internationally throughout the mid-2000s. After the band split up, Jason started his solo career which peaked in 2015 when he put out "the first-ever cinematically release album", Whiplash Dreams. Since then, Jason has been busy teaching at ICMP and working with young UK and international talent, whether as a co-writer or producer. 

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