Our first-ever music industry podcast

Hosted by Lara Magnelli, a member of our Marketing team, each episode of The Interview Series is an informal, insightful, and inspiring conversation with a variety of music industry professionals: from songwriters, producers, composers, and session players to people working in music for film, TV, and games, record labels, PRs, music charities, and more.

Discussing their careers, showbiz anecdotes, as well as matters of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the music business and beyond, with a common denominator at heart: their devotion to music.

New episodes are released every other Thursday.




Lara chats with Mwen, teaching on some of our Production evening courses and our newly launched BA in Music Production for Film, TV and Games at ICMP. Mwen is a sound designer, producer, DJ, and Ableton-certified tutor.

Most of the conversation Lara had with Mwen revolved around their love of sound and creativity in all forms and the never-ending possibilities that these offer in terms of career developments. Mwen discussed their experience as sound designer for theatre and live performances, as well as their passion for djing and seeing people dance while feeding them music they never heard of. Mwen shared their love and appreciation for education, as a self-taught professional now in a position to share their knowledge. There is nothing that someone can't learn - Mwen truly believes in this and tries to convey such a message to students.

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