As well as a powerful 27” iMac, UAD Apollo interface and Adam monitoring, ICMP’s custom built EMP studio provides you with an arsenal of boutique analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines. Highlights include 2 Moog Mother 32 analog modular synths and Novation’s Bass Station, Circuit and Ultranova. Roland’s TR-7 and SPD-SX drum machines are also on hand to inject inspiration. Beyond the industry standard DAWs’ you have access to a dizzying array software instruments and plug-ins. This includes Native Instruments Komplete, Arturia V Collection, East West Composer Cloud instruments and nearly every UAD powered plug-in. Ableton’s Push 2 controller and Novation’s Launchpad Pro are also on offer to help take your Ableton Live projects to the next level.

Music Production Room


All ICMP students have access to our cutting edge music production booths knitted out with NI Komplete Control keyboards, Push 2 and Launchpad Pro controllers as well as UAD Apollo interfaces. Powerful 27” iMacs workstations are loaded with the latest DAW’s and uber-cool audio plug-ins and virtual instruments from the likes of UAD, East West, Arturia and Native Instruments. A mic stand and reflection filter is available and you can book a mics from our extensive collection so you can collaborate, write and produce your work.


Zoom R16 Multitrack recorders and dedicated mics can be hired out to record in our freely available rehearsal and practice rooms. You can complete your projects by importing your audio files into the DAW of your choice in one of our production rooms or tech suites. You also have two dedicated performance booths that are connected by tie lines, allowing you to use one room as a live room and another as a recording control room. It is also possible for you to hire a MacBook and an audio interface to use on campus for location recordings.