If you’re a songwriter and feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and ‘blocked’, this interactive and supportive online course will help inspire and invigorate your creative processes. De-bunk the myths and mystery surrounding the creative process of songwriting and learn how to encourage, harness and manage your creative ability.

In this highly practical step-by-step course, you’ll gain an understanding of your own processes and will work at improving the quantity and quality of the work you produce. You’ll also evolve a stronger process for developing completed works, from generating new ideas consistently, editing and then completing songs.



What’s covered?

Module 1: Learn creative strategies for songwriting
Develop an understanding of the creative songwriting process. You’ll learn how to use your imagination more purposefully and discover techniques for preparing yourself for the process.

Module 2: How to generate song ideas
Learn about the methods for collecting, organising and then managing your song concepts. You’ll also discover new techniques for generating creative material and hone your creative objectives with purpose.

Module 3: Ways to broaden creative boundaries
Learn how to broaden your creative boundaries, allowing a greater range of creativity. You’ll also get an understanding of creativity being a remix and will increase your knowledge of various cultural interactions.

Module 4: Practical techniques for developing new song ideas
Discover functional new methods for song idea research, development and compatibility. You’ll also be introduced to dealing with creative or songwriting blocks.

Module 5: The process of crafting and redrafting songs
Starting from a first draft, you’ll learn the process of sharing an incomplete piece of work, altering the song structure, continuing to refine lyrics and will determine when your piece is complete.

Module 6: Approaches to co-writing
You’ll explore varying approaches to song co-writing and some of the advantages and challenges to collaboration. You’ll also receive some invaluable insight and advice on managing co-writing partnerships.


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Key facts

  • Gain confidence in the creative songwriting process
  • Work through six highly practical modules
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Start at any time
  • Step-by-step structured learning
  • Course materials are online and include HD videos
Course Authors

The course authors of ‘Songwriting: Creative Process’ are industry professionals and ICMP educators Jonathan Whiskerd, Tim Elsenberg, Sophie Daniels and Megan O’Neill. Well known and regarded as professional songwriters and music educators, together they have inspired hundreds of songwriters. As well as working with acclaimed singers and songwriters such as Jamie Cullen, Kelly Clarkson and Barbara Streisand, they have also been integral in developing ICMP’s world-first bachelor’s degree in songwriting.


This course is suitable for songwriters who are currently creating or completing songs and feel comfortable in sharing ideas with others. You should have the skills to be able to accompany your own pieces, either through a recording or live.


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