Developed to cover all key elements of the blues guitar genre, this course differs from our traditional online courses in that learning is entirely self-directed. There’s no tutor, schedule, assignment deadlines, class interaction or feedback, and the onus is on you to digest the course content at your own pace. Essentially, it allows you to harness the knowledge and expertise of ICMP’s highly experienced guitar tutors, in written and recorded lesson format.

You’ll have full access to the entire unlocked course material from day one – 12 weeks’ worth of content in total – including comprehensive video lessons, detailed notes and notation, backing tracks, comprehensive readings and suggested blues guitar tasks to absorb and complete in your own time. This allows for highly flexible learning, as you can choose the order of your modules based on your interests and areas of expertise. There’s also no specific course start date, meaning you can begin your learning at a time that suits you, all within 48 hours of your online course purchase.* And once you purchase the course material, you retain ongoing access to it, so it can be reviewed whenever you like.

This fun programme is based on two of our most popular online blues guitar courses – ‘Blues Rhythm Guitar’ and ‘Blues Guitar Styles’ – and will see you examine the theory and practice of six essential blues guitar styles in your own time, at your own pace.

Throughout your time on the programme, you’ll explore the rich musical heritage of contemporary blues guitar and will develop an understanding of the many blues guitar styles that exist, along with their history, the key individuals within each sub-genre, and common licks and rhythm guitar concepts. By delving into the nuances of Chicago, Texas, West Coast and Memphis Blues, plus Late Texas Blues and even British Blues across the Atlantic, you’ll gain a confident knowledge of common blues forms and structures, turnarounds, chord moves, blues vocabulary and more.

*Course access may take longer if purchased on a weekend.

What’s covered?

Forms and Structure
This module covers the essential forms and structure of blues guitar, including shuffle time and straight time, 8 and 16 bar blues, the quick change and minor blues.

Riffs and Fills
Discover why riffs and fills are blues guitar essentials – from fretting and picking techniques to minor and major pentatonic riffs, double stops and shuffle patterns.

Classic Chord Moves
Explore the essentials of classic blues chords, such as the ‘classic’ move, gospel slides, sixths and minor blues moves.

This module focuses on blues turnarounds, including chordal turnarounds, open string moves and the turnaround formula.

Advanced Chords and Substitutions
Get theoretical and extend your dominant chord vocabulary with 11th and 13th chords, 6ths, 6/9 and 7#9 chords, plus both static and moving chord moves.

Playing in a Band
This module explores the ins and outs of playing blues guitar in a band. Topics include complexity versus simplicity, band combinations that work, timing and the Q & A role.

Texas Blues
This module covers such topics as Freddy King rhythms, Lightnin’ Hopkins licks and how to use a looper.

Chicago Blues
In this module you’ll develop your understanding of Chicago Blues, covering blues curls and the licks and rhythms of such greats as Hubert Sumlin and Muddy Waters.

West Coast Blues
This module will provide an introduction into the West Coast style of blues, with blues bending techniques, and licks and rhythms from T Bone Walker and Johnny Watson.

Memphis Blues
During this module you’ll get started in the important genre of Memphis Blues, with more extreme bending, and licks and rhythms from BB King and Albert King.

British Blues
This module provides an introduction into British Blues, with licks and rhythms from British greats Eric Clapton and Peter Green, plus blues vibrato techniques.

Late Texas Blues
In this module you’ll be introduced to the genre of Late Texas Blues, with licks and rhythms from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter, plus string muting techniques.

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Key facts

  • Flexible self-directed learning at your own pace
  • Structured online course content, including high-quality HD videos and support materials
  • Download all unlocked content within 48 hours of purchase
  • Flexible order of study
  • 12 weeks of course content


To get the most out of the course, you should be at ‘foundation’ or ‘lower intermediate’ level on the guitar. Being able to perform rhythm guitar parts (both chord and riff-based) will prove helpful, and you should ideally be able to play a simple solo using fundamental techniques.


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