Content is based on two of our more advanced online songwriting courses – ‘Songwriting: The Creative Process’ and ‘Songwriting: Content & Genres’ – and sees you explore the craft of songwriting in your own time, at your own pace. 

Designed to be a key practical songwriting resource, this course differs from our traditional online courses in that all learning is entirely self-directed. There’s no tutor, schedule, assignments, class interaction or feedback, and the onus is on you to digest the course content at your own pace. Essentially, it allows you to access the knowledge and expertise of ICMP’s highly experienced songwriting tutors, in written and recorded lesson format.

You’ll have full access to the entire unlocked course material from day one – 12 weeks’ worth of content in total – including custom videos, comprehensive readings and suggested songwriting tasks to absorb and perform in your own time. This allows for highly flexible learning, as you can choose the order of your modules based on your interests and areas of expertise. There’s also no specific course start date, meaning you can begin your learning at a time that suits you, all within 48 hours of your online course purchase.*

During your studies, you’ll learn to release your full creative songwriting potential, while developing your creativity, generating new song ideas, banishing writer’s block and crafting your rough concepts into slick completed works. You’ll grow as a songwriter by researching, exploring and experimenting within a range of contemporary musical styles and genres, including pop, country, folk, rock, electronica, R&B and soul.

If you successfully complete all the allocated tasks, by the end of the course you’ll have developed at least five new genre-specific song ideas, and will have completely finished another two new songs. Once you purchase the course material, you retain ongoing access to it, so it can be reviewed whenever you like.

*Course access may take longer if purchased on a weekend.

What’s covered?

Module 1: Creative Strategies

In this module, you’ll develop an understanding of creativity, and learn how to prepare yourself for the creative process and use your imagination effectively.

Module 2: Generating Song Ideas

This module covers how to collect, organise and manage your song ideas, trying out new methods to generate material, and zeroing in on your creative intention.

Module 3: Broadening Your Creative Boundaries

In this module, you’ll widen the scope of your creativity, further your cultural engagement, and understand that creativity is a remix.

Module 4: Developing Song Ideas

This module covers practical techniques for development, congruence, research, and creative block.

Module 5: Redrafting and Crafting Songs

Here you’ll start with draft one and will learn about sharing an unfinished song, adapting the structure and further crafting the lyric. You’ll also explore how to understand if your song is finished.

Module 6: Introduction to Co-Writing

This module covers different approaches to co-writing, and the advantages and pitfalls to collaboration while providing advice on co-writing relationships.

Module 7: Introduction to the Relationship Between Genre and Content

In this module, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the history of genres and their origin journeys, and will learn how to be analytical in your discussions surrounding them.

Module 8: Pop Music

This module will see you examine the history and context of pop music, its lyrics, songwriting techniques and many different subgenres.

Module 9: Folk and Country

In this module, you’ll explore the breadth and depth of the niche yet hugely popular folk/country genre, particularly focusing on lyrics and song structure.

Module 10: Electronica

This module covers the history and societal context of the rise of electronic music, including the early years of hip-hop, ‘80s synth music, sampling, the birth of rave culture and more.

Module 11: Rock 

As one of the most varied contemporary music genres, you’ll explore the full scope of rock – from blues, punk and glam to indie, metal and beyond.

Module 12: Soul and R&B

This module explores the colourful history of soul and R&B, along with their tried and tested songwriting techniques, genre boundaries and subtle nuances.


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Key facts

  • Flexible self-directed learning at your own pace
  • Structured online course content, including high-quality HD videos and support materials
  • Download all unlocked content within 48 hours of purchase
  • Flexible study order
  • 12 weeks of course content


This course is a natural extension of ICMP’s Introduction to Songwriting online self-directed course. It suits intermediate and advanced songwriters keen to develop their understanding of genre and improve their creative songwriting process. To get the most out of the course, you should be able to accompany yourself at some level, either live or through recording.


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