USC students visit ICMP for collaborations

USC student George Tyler Heffley gives us the lowdown on his recent trip to London and ICMP... 


ICMP was delighted to welcome a group of students from the University of California (USC) for three weeks of music making, collaborating and performing.

Here USC student George Tyler Heffley gives us an overview of their experiences on the trip... 
Hi, my name is George Tyler Heffley and I’m a University of Southern California Thornton School of Music student double-majoring in Music Industry (B.S.) and Jazz Studies, Guitar (B.M.).

I recently flew from California to London for a school trip and had such an amazing time.

From working with ICMP and the music students that were a part of the trip, to just being in London itself has resulted in new and long lasting friendships and experiences in a city that I fell in love with.

Being in London for the amount of time that I was there was so thrilling and provided many gratifying experiences for us to have.

Everything from London's beautiful architecture that was on every block, the vigorous social life that existed both during the day and at night, all of the great restaurants that we went to, and the overall culture were all so exciting to be around."

Even just being able to go on the tube and double-decker buses was new and exciting to have available for us to use.

Also, the fashion in this city was so noticeable on every block by everyone that I saw and it was fascinating to see so many people dressed so well.

All of these components to our trip left us in awe of London and eager to come back.

Working with the ICMP students was a blessing and pleasure, from their joyous personalities to their professionalism both on and off stage. They all had a lot to offer with their musical expertise in performance, songwriting, and musicianship and all of the USC students learned a lot from them, as hopefully they did with us.


One of the great things about this trip was not only what we did on stage and in rehearsals, but the amount of time that we spent with one another outside of the programs.

For me, I’ve continued to talk to my overseas friends and we plan to collaborate on projects in the near future, both for recording projects and future gigs once we’re in the same country as one another.

We’ve also promised that our couches are available to each other anytime we take another international trip.

During our time off in the city, the moments that we had on stage, and the magic we recorded in the studio is where we truly grew our relationships with one another and I can honestly say that the friendships that we made here will last a lifetime."

Cheers to all of the love, excitement, and music that we made on this trip in London with one another and we are all beyond enthusiastic to do it all again!

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by George Tyler Heffley, USC student
June 23, 2022
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