Student Stories: Rookes - Cert HE Creative Music Production


Join Rookes, an artist, producer, and MPG Scholarship winner, as she delves into her experiences with the Cert HE Creative Muscic Production course at ICMP.

In this video, Rookes shares valuable insights on how she maximised her time on the course, offering a glimpse into the life of a music production student. Whether you're considering a path in music production or simply curious about the student experience at ICMP, Rookes' story is sure to provide deeper understanding of the creative process in music.

Video Transcript

"Hello, I'm Rookes, a genre-fluid songwriter and music producer. I completed the Cert HE in Creative Music Production at ICMP. My time at ICMP was incredibly beneficial and marked an unexpected but pivotal step in my career. Initially, returning to university to study music wasn't part of my plan, but winning a scholarship changed that. The course significantly enhanced my technical skills and, as a result, boosted my confidence, encouraging me to invest further in music production, the field I'm most passionate about. This educational journey not only broadened my technical skills in music production but also opened up new cognitive pathways that I hadn't realised needed exploration. The course played a pivotal role in enhancing my technical prowess, which, in turn, significantly boosted my confidence.

The creative environment at ICMP is one that naturally encourages exploration and playfulness, which are essential elements of creativity. However, an important lesson I learned during my time there was the value of paying undivided attention to the guidance offered by the tutors. The faculty at ICMP, comprised entirely of active music professionals and creative practitioners, are not just educators but also seasoned experts in the field. They bring a wealth of practical wisdom, diverse perspectives, and real-world insights to the table. Their teachings are invaluable, and while it's enjoyable and enriching to collaborate and create music with fellow students, absorbing the knowledge and insights from these experienced tutors is equally crucial.

Another critical aspect of building a career in music, as I've learned, is networking. The music industry heavily relies on connections and relationships. For someone like me, who identifies as an introvert, this aspect can be particularly challenging. Despite my introverted nature, I've learned the importance of effective communication and the discipline of making concerted efforts to connect with others in the industry. Establishing genuine, authentic connections is key.

These connections should go beyond mere creative compatibility; they should align in terms of ethos, approach, work ethic, and overall discipline. Good collaboration often stems from these deeper connections, which are usually formed through social interactions and shared values, not just within the confines of a studio. Therefore, it's beneficial to always be on the lookout for individuals who not only share a passion for music-making but also resonate with you on a personal and professional level. 

My time at ICMP has been a journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery. The lessons learned, skills acquired, and connections made have been invaluable, shaping me not just as a musician and producer but also as a person."

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