Student Stories: Fran Murray - BA (Hons) Songwriting


Step into the world of creative song writing composition with Fran Murray, an Essex-based ICMP Songwriting graduate.

In this video, Fran shares her experiences at ICMP studying the BA in Songwriting, highlighting the nurturing and motivational environment created by the vibrant ICMP student community. For those aspiring to hone their songwriting skills, Fran's journey underscores the importance of a supportive and dynamic learning environment!

Video Transcript

"My name is Fran, and my artist name is Blab. I studied songwriting at ICMP. I am a complete DIY artist—I self-produce, write, and record everything myself. I work with a small label team in my hometown, Southend, which I'm extremely grateful for; they've been really helpful with me. Before attending university, I worked in sales, I was selling fireplaces in my hometown. It wasn't enjoyable, it was pretty bad and I was so excited to leave and pursue something more fulfilling, to expand my horizons.

I've always been involved in music, playing instruments since I was around six, starting with the recorder in a school club. At 16, I picked up the guitar, which became my instrument of choice as I fell in love with it. When I was a child, I loved pop music and aspired to be a producer, to make records, even though I didn't fully understand what that entailed.

Started playing in bands during my youth, I discovered ICMP and attended an open day during my first year of college. After saving some money, I enrolled at the age of19. The experience was transformative, it's as if it unlocked another thing in my brain to make music, enhancing not only my music-making skills but also my appreciation for music and respect for other artists.

Studying at ICMP was incredibly rewarding. I had access to excellent facilities, supportive tutors, and a strong community where everyone felt equal and heard of. Before I came to university, I was set in my musical ways, but ICMP opened my eyes to the diversity of music and songwriting. It was inspiring and humbling to be in an environment filled with people from various backgrounds and parts of the world, sharing their stories through music. Often people are from different corners of the world as well which is such a beautiful thing.

The lecturers would also always recommend songs based on our writing, which broadened our musical horizons. This concentrated environment, rich with passionate musicians, provided an unparalleled experience. The energy at ICMP was wonderful and inspiring. It's a place where everyone shares a love for writing and music, even if their preferences differ. That is one of the best things about studying in ICMP. Even though everyone writes very different songs, styles and genres in the end of the day everyone loves the same thing which is songwriting. It is such a wonderful environment to be around.

Looking back at my time at ICMP, the most valuable takeaway was the ability to collaborate and learn from others. The diversity of talent and the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge and experience was a catalyst for my development as an artist. It's one thing to learn about music theory and songwriting techniques, but it's another to see them brought to life by a community of passionate musicians. As I move forward, the lessons I've learned and the relationships I've built in ICMP will continue to influence my music."

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August 6, 2023
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