Pride Month LGBTQIA+ Resources

Our Teaching Fellow shares his top LGBTQIA+ resources...


Happy Pride Month to all LGBTQIA+ folk and allies! 

Throughout the month I’ve been sharing materials on the ICMP social channels in celebration as an act of solidarity and unity so thought it worth gathering them together here.

We started with ‘Paris Is Burning’, a landmark documentary exploring the New York drag scene while touching on race, class, gender, and sexuality in America. 

I raise my proverbial glass to our lesbian friends (I prefer pints over wine). Here’s an open playlist I initiated. 

Feel free to add other examples including your own if you identify.

I want to share this inspiring project by ICMP student Aryanne Maudit who is making a short documentary about being queer in Amalfi Coast, southern Italy. 

Follow the developments of the project here: and watch the trailer. Great work, Ary!

I'm a trans ally and part of being an ally is educating yourself. Consider Joshua Satchell's podcast about being trans an education. 

As part of Pride, we should share some love towards our bisexual friends. Bisexuality is often misunderstood resulting in biphobia that can come from two directions – both by straight people, and by gay/lesbian people.

Here's a little skit on bisexuality by one of my favourite LGBTQIA+ writers, Michael Henry.

Did you know the Q stands for queer/questioning? This is dedicated to our friends who are questioning their sexuality. 

Those questioning their sexuality are typically less likely to be 'out' in comparison with lesbian, bisexual, gay etc. counterparts, so to anyone who's questioning their sexuality - we support you and feel free disclose if/whenever you need the community in your own time. 

It's important to recognise figures who have championed civil rights shaping the world we live in today. These can be well-known individuals, or people who have positively shaped our own lives. Here's a profile of Marsha P. Johnson. Which LGBTQIA+ pioneers inspire you? is a great LGBTQIA+ mental wellness app developed with leading NHS LGBTQIA+ psychotherapists.

The app has been designed by NHS psychotherapists and provides self-guided digital therapy programmes derived from mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). According to Voda, you should "think of it like a Headspace or Calm, but made by and for the LGBTQIA+ community". Go check it out...

For my post for Pride Month, I'd like to thank everyone who's liked, watched, and listened to the content. The final post is from the Learning Resource Centre. The LRC is an arena for education, enrichment, and welcoming of all learners.

Please email the LRC ( or myself ( if you have a book request on any topic you want to know more about. We're here to support the development of your knowledge.

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by Daniel Green
June 12, 2022
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