How a Passion for Music is a Gateway to Part-Time Music Courses

While studying music isn’t essential to enjoying it, it can be a powerful way of enhancing your experience.


There is something transcendental about music which sets it apart from other careers or hobbies. It can hold just as much importance to those who study it as it does for those who do not. While studying music isn’t essential to enjoying it, it can be a powerful way of enhancing your experience.

Your passion for music may be the perfect driving force to launch you into beginning a musical education, whether you’re interested in making music yourself or whether you’d like to learn more about the production side of things.

Learning Through Listening

Listening to music is an incredibly effective tool in your musical education, something which you will already be doing plenty of if you have a passion for it. The great thing about studying music is that this activity that you would be doing anyway now becomes part of your revision. Whether you’re keeping an ear out for the dynamics in the piece or trying to figure out the time signature of your favourite song, this can be incredibly helpful when studying music.

The best thing is that scientists have discovered a link between listening to music and enhanced studying, suggesting that information recall is better with music. This means that what you are studying actually enhances the way you study it.

How a Passion Gives You an Advantage

If you have a passion for music, you already have a great advantage when you start studying, whether you are beginning with music theory or learning how to play an instrument. The fact that you have gotten in plenty of hours of listening can be particularly helpful when you start learning as you are likely to have a good ear and are likely to be able to recognise different elements of music quickly, such as the difference between a major and minor key or even simply being able to pick out the different instruments.

This can make things a lot easier when you are learning about music as you already have a basic understanding, even if you don’t know the terminology. The great thing about music is that you don’t need to know the theory or how to play an instrument to ‘get’ music or a particular piece, though it will give you a deeper understanding.

Using Your Passion to Drive Hard Work

Just as with learning anything else, learning how to play an instrument, songwriting, production or any other element of music, takes hard work and dedication. If you think back to school, you might remember how hard it was to pay attention in classes you just didn’t find interesting. On the other hand, you probably excelled at the subjects you actually enjoyed as you would have been much more likely to engage with the learning experience.

It can be a little like learning a new language when you are taking a new music course, so it takes plenty of hard work. However, if you’re passionate about the subject matter, you are much more likely to stick at it and put the necessary work in to improve.

Study Part-Time at ICMP

At ICMP, we offer a number of part-time music courses that can help you to get stuck into an education in music, whether you want to make a career of it or you just want to fuel your passion. These courses are the perfect introduction to the subject and take place in the evenings so you can fit them around work. You can find out more about these courses and whether they’d be suitable for you by visiting our part-time courses page.

Whether you choose to study vocals, music production or any of our other part-time courses, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our tutors and the heritage of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. You’ll also be in good company with a long list of former students who have become huge successes in bands such as Clean Bandit, Daughter, Bloc Party and Radiohead.

Find out more

If you are interested in any of our part-time courses, don’t hesitate to read more about them, and if you have any questions, you can contact us on 020 7328 0222 for more information.

Part-time Music Courses

by Author: ICMP staff writer
December 20, 2018
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