Live in session: Bekah Bossard

Watch our songwriting student Bekah Bossard perform her track 'Step Back' as part of our new Motiv Sessions...


Our songwriting student Bekah Bossard was one of many ICMP talents we invited to record a song for our new Motiv Sessions. 

Recorded using our industry partner Shure's Motiv MV88 microphone and filmed in our studio, the sessions are aimed at showcasing the raw talent of our students. Bekah is one of many rising stars here at ICMP, having impressed at our recent Songwriters' Circle event alongside Frank Turner. Get to know Bekah in our interview and watch her perform 'Step Back'...  

What is your musical project all about? 

As a singer-songwriter, the vision for my musical project is all about writing and releasing authentic music. My songs are very autobiographical, so I always try to materialise my experiences and emotions in my music honestly; hopefully in a way that people can understand and relate to, as so many musicians have done so for me.

What is the song you performed for us about?

It’s about giving space to someone you love in hope to reach the resolution you can't find when you're together. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Maggie Rogers and The Japanese House are two women in the music industry right now who are releasing incredible music. And of course Daughter, the emotional energy in their music have inspired me for years. Currently Marika Hackman inspires me, as her music accounts her experiences in such a beautiful poetic, transparent manor. As well as an artist, she is unapologetically herself.

What drew you to ICMP - and what have you learned about yourself and your music from studying here? 

ICMP's focus on artist development and sense of community really drew me to it. Through tutoring and lectures, I've had the resources and space to cultivate my sound and grown as a songwriter and artist since being here. It's given me the opportunity to work with some incredible musicians, and opened me up to some exciting gigging opportunities as well. 

What does the future for you and your music have in store? 

I'm in the process of recording, so new releases are on their way! I'll also be continuing to gig, and a lot more with my band; so excited for that! And no doubt, I'll still be writing sad indie songs. So, it's all lookin' up!

Visit Bekah's SoundCloud profile for more on her and her music.  

Find out more about Shure and our industry partners. 


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by ICMP staff writer
March 14, 2018
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