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Our BA Digital Marketing student tells us about her adventures in live event photography...



Wiktoria Wolny is a BA Digital Marketing student and aspiring photographer and content creator who's been capturing some of the action at recent ICMP events. 

Alongside our own event calendar, Wiktoria has also worked at a variety of live shows and gigs, taking photos of artists including Louis Tomlinson and 5 Seconds of Summer. 

We recently caught up with her to learn more about her experiences and how the course is helping her progress her ambitions...

How did you start your journey as an aspiring photographer and content creator? Was there a person, image or social media creative that first inspired you?

I have been interested in photography since I was very young, I attended a photography course in my school and my dad got me my first camera. 

My concert photography journey began when I started going to a lot of events. I was taking photos with my phone back then and I was really inspired by an amazing photographer called Hélène Marie Pambrun.

In 2021, I decided that I really wanted to do this as my job in the future so I bought a small point and shoot camera and started bringing it to concerts I attended. That's how I started building my portfolio. 


When it comes to content creation I started posting photos on my Instagram when I was 13 years old. I just really loved taking aesthetic photos in my free time and people enjoyed them. 

When I started going to concerts I also started posting videos from shows I attended and I shared tips on how to buy concert tickets or how to prepare for queuing. 


What led you to study at ICMP? 

I really wanted to be around musicians as well as study and get to know the music industry more. Moving to London was also one of my biggest dreams since I was a kid. 


And what are your ambitions with studying? Do you have a career in mind once you've completed your course?

I don't have a specific career in mind right now but I would love to do something in the music industry that I can combine with photography. 


How have your ICMP experiences been so far? Have there been any key things you've learned? 

My ICMP experience has been amazing so far. I've already met so many inspiring people and had opportunities to build my portfolio."

I've learned many things, for example how the money flows in the music industry. 


I'm really interested to hear about some of the projects you've been working on? What have been some of the shoots/projects you've been part of? Have there been any favourites? 

As a concert photographer I got the opportunity to photograph artists like Louis Tomlinson, 5 Seconds of Summer, Only The Poets and Andrew Cushin. 

My favourite one was probably when I got a photo pass from Live Nation France to shoot Louis Tomlinson's concert in Paris! 


How about working with ICMP? What events have you been involved with? 

Here at ICMP I have photographed events like the ICMP showcase, Songwriters' Circle, Diwali event which were great! I got to experience the events as well as meet really interesting people. 


How have you grown your profile as a photographer so far? Have there been particular social media channels that have helped propel you on your journey to date? 

I have started growing my photography profile on Instagram recently.

I was really inspired by my Social Media and Content Creation assignment and I started to post reels daily on my profile. It has really helped me in growing my Instagram profile."

What does the future have in store for you in terms of your studies and other projects? 


I think that future has in store for me even more opportunities to grow my photography skills as well as network with a lot of people in the industry and I'm just really excited to learn more things during my course.

One day I would love to go on tour with a band or artist as a concert photographer. 

Connect with Wiktoria on Instagram and view her portfolio. Wiktoria is offering ICMP students in need of a photographer a 20% discount. You can get in touch via Instagram. 

All images c/o Wiktoria. 

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December 5, 2023
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