How to take your idea from bedroom to brand

Read essential advice from BBC Introducing Live on how to make your music industry idea come to life...


Many music industry success stories are born from a spirit of entrepreneurship. 

With the advent of powerful, portable tech and the web, taking an independent, DIY path to business success is an increasingly viable option. It's a skill we nurture with students via our BA in Music Business and Entrepreneurship  and, if you're right at the start of your career, there's plenty of support out there too to initially get you going.  

We were at the BBC Introducing Live event to hear from a panel of entrepreneurs and small business founders on how their journeys began and transformed their bedroom ideas into a brand. Check out insight from Lost Village Festival's Andy George, WAVE magazine co-founder Alexa Kesta, Jon Eades, director and co-founder of The Rattle and Ibrahim Kamara, ​co-founder and editor-in-chief of GUAP Magazine... 

Be different from the rest

Andy George (AG): We spent six years travelling the world before we set up Lost Village. We went all over the place to see music at events but thought there was something missing.

That’s where the idea for our business venture came from. We saw we could offer something different, something original and something authentic." 


Alexa Kesta (AK): Networking is a massive factor in running a business. If you enjoy talking with people, then it really helps you as an entrepreneur. Being plugged into the world is essential.

Realise your passion and stick with it

AG: If you have the passion, then just do it – there’s no right or wrong and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The one thing that drives it is the raw hunger and belief you can make this happen. Throw yourself in at the deep end. The most successful people I’ve ever met are the ones who just went out and made it happen.

Be nice

AG: Be nice, it gets you further than you think. Treat people as you’d like to be treated. You can over think but you can’t over feel. Listen to that all the time. 

Ibraham Kamira (IK): See the world from a different perspective and add value to make the world a better place. Success will come from that.

You don’t need the industry to be successful - you need fans

AG: In 2018, it’s your fans that sustain you. Music is now fragmented. There’s room for everyone. You can put a record on Spotify, you don’t need a major label or manager. You can create your own fan base - and that momentum will attract majors. But you no longer need the industry to be successful now.

AK: Build your fanbase outside of industry. The industry isn’t going to buy your music but your fans will.  

Running a business is like running a marathon

Jon Eades:

You need grit and determination to run a business. There’s a great quote from James Dyson where he compares running a business to running a marathon. When everyone else is looking to give up or stop, that’s when you need to carry on…"

Surround yourself with positivity

AG: Keep those people who you buzz off and get good energy from close to you. Don’t get caught up with what happens when. It’s about supporting each other and building little communities.

Start small

AG: The first thing we ever did was an event when we were 17. You need to remember that throwing music events can be financially crippling so start small. You are going to lose something along the way but this will make you more powerful and stronger as you progress.

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by Jim Ottewill
November 16, 2018
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