How to Stay Creative

ICMP alumna Carolina Ramos shares advice in the latest episode of ICMP’s What’s Next? podcast.  


Many ICMP graduates go on to take up a wide variety of careers and opportunities once they have left us. 

ICMP’s What’s Next? Podcast, hosted by Jordan Olukanmi, Graduate Outcomes Assistant and Masters in Songwriting alumnus, aims to chart journeys from our classrooms to industry. This series features interviews with alumni talking about life after ICMP and how they started building their careers within music, the creative industries and beyond.

In the first episode of the latest series, Masters in Songwriting alumnus Thiago Jorge discussed his industry moves.

Our second episode will hear from Carolina Ramos who achieved a Masters in Performance and is now working as Client Ticketing Manager alongside her own projects.

Here are some essential insights taken from and inspired by the conversation on how to stay creative. You can also find out more about the opportunities facilitated by ICMP's Careers and Industry Hub


The phrase “two minds are better than one” has some truth to it.

If you find that you are in the same place creatively, maybe look at collaborating with other musicians, producers, and songwriters as you can learn from their processes as well as share your own creative ideas. If you want to go a step further, it could be an innovative idea to collaborate with people who perform, write, or create in a style or genre that is widely different to your own. 

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery

Imitating the music of artists and producers you admire can help you channel your inner creativity. You do not have to imitate everything, as you can add your own touch to it. You can change some elements, remove, or add your own, reshape and build on something that has already been created.  

Prioritise having fun

If you start to find that your typical creative process is not working then perhaps the answer lies in removing objectives and falling back in love with your craft ... in other words have fun. Change the pace and set aside some time to “play” or “create”.

Explore your tools, try out crazy techniques, and go back to what made you first enjoy music, something you might not normally consider in your business-oriented, got-to-get-this-done mindset."

Putting deadlines can make you finish 

When working on multiple projects, it can be a tough decision deciding where to focus your energies. You need to make choices when working part-time, studying or working on your own creative projects. Giving yourself deadlines can be an inspiring way to motivate yourself to try and be creative and ultimately get things done. 

Consider how you deal with rejection 

Searching for opportunities can be hard, time consuming and you might have to apply to or source multiple roles before you find something that works for you. In this context, it’s important to understand to see how you view rejection. If no one replies to an application, sometimes it can make you think you are not good enough and the rejection can eat you up. 

Pick up a new hobby 

Perfectionism, overthinking and fear of failure are the most damaging blocks to creativity. A new hobby may help you get your mind off your projects, release stress and boost your creative thinking. 

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by ICMP staff writer
November 15, 2023
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