How to Manage Expectations

ICMP alumnus Thiago Jorge shares advice in the latest episode of ICMP’s What’s Next? podcast.  


Ever wondered what ICMP music school graduates get up to after they finish their studies? 

ICMP’s What’s Next? podcast offers some answers. 

Hosted by Jordan Olukanmi, Graduate Outcomes Assistant and Masters in Songwriting alumnus, What’s Next? features interviews with alumni talking about life after ICMP and how they started building their careers within music, the creative industries and beyond.

In the first episode of the latest series, Masters in Songwriting alumnus Thiago Jorge discusses his industry moves following the completion of his course. 

The conversation touches on a range of topics - networking, work, and building a career. Among them, managing expectations is a central theme. 

The music industry is such an exciting industry and presents a bunch of unique opportunities and challenges to anyone who begins pursuing music as a career and vocation. Amid the competing tasks vying for attention, it’s important to stay sane on the way to success in your musical profession.

Here are some essential tips from the conversation. You can also find out more about the opportunities facilitated by ICMP's Careers and Industry Hub. 

Knowing when to say no  

Striking a balance between taking on work and learning when to say no to certain projects is a challenge for creatives, particularly when work comes through personal relationships. 

The only way out is through experience, listening to your body and your mind. Asking yourself how you are feeling can tell you a lot when putting it under stress - and it should become obvious when you are trying to do too much. 

Create your own version of success 

Follow what your mind and dreams are telling you. As soon as you start trusting your own process you create your own version of success. Instead of trying to work out what success means for others, create this for yourself. 

Surround yourself with good people 

Be around the right people. Sometimes being around good people for more time and making less money is a good thing. That time will be spent more productively and creatively as opposed working with people who you don't click with for more financial gain. 

Be patient with yourself

Allow yourself to go through the process of figuring out who you are as an artist or creative. Recognize that you aren’t in control of the overall timeline of your artistic development."

Don’t rush the process

Don’t move any faster than you need to. Learn who you are. If you’re moving too fast, you’re going to pass things by. When you’re rushing, you make mistakes. So, don’t rush the process. Understand that it is a process, and the way it unfolds over time is important for preparing you to become all that you’re capable of becoming

Measure the risks

There are no guarantees in life, and some things are more risky than others. Getting involved in the music industry is a calculated risk. If you know that going in, you won’t be living in survival mode the whole time.

Don't lose the love of your craft

The reason you chose to do music should be the overwhelming reason that you stay in. That is the love for your art, your craft, the love of singing, the love of songwriting, the love of producing.

You should always hold that close to you, because as soon as you make the decision to go professional, it turns into a business. Sometimes the business end of it can really take the wind out of your sails in terms of the love you have for music.

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by ICMP staff writer
October 17, 2023
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