Essential Advice from Women in Music

Read some top music industry advice from our inaugural EQualiser Event... 


With the topic of gender equality still very much an ongoing challenge for the music industry, ICMP has chosen to demonstrate its commitment to diversity with the launch of its new EQualiser event series. 

Kicking off in January, the first event featured independent music researcher Vick Bain, alongside an all-female panel of alumnae.

The event including acclaimed singer-songwriter Denai Moore, music business alumna Nina Rubesa, live session player Julia Lamb, songwriter and producer Kaity Rae, Eden Tredwell, pop and musical theatre songwriter, and artist manager Victoria Becks. 

Check out some of the top tips they gave during the event below...

Denai Moore | Artist, Songwriter and Producer

Be yourself and assertive in all your of communications, whether within meetings, via email or within the studio.

If you’re a songwriter who produces, you are also a producer. Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you want to say and own your skill set.”

Nina Rubesa | Independent Content Creator

Stop waiting for permission. If you don't have money you'll always be at the mercy of someone else so learn to communicate your value; Learn how to negotiate your day rate, pitch your projects to investors and educate yourself on how money works.

Kaity Rae | Songwriter and Producer

Own your role within the process and tell people that you can do something and then tell yourself that you can do it too. If you convince yourself that, then you can."

Julia Lamb | Session Guitar/Bassist

While it’s great that we’re all pushing for change, it’s important to accept that you will always come up against difficult guys within your career. Don’t enter the industry too naïvely, develop a thick skin, know yourself and accept the fact that these issues exist.” ​

Eden Tredwell | Pop and Musical Theatre Writer

The industry will try to label you. But remember to always push back against it. If there isn’t a space for you - then make your own.

It also important to have solid network of female contacts. There may come a point where someone will ask you “hey, do you know any guitarists or singers?” Ensure you’re in a position to support one another and recommend a female for that role.

Victoria Becks | Independent Artist Manager

I'd encourage any music industry professional, regardless of gender, to get involved in the discussions around diversity and inclusivity. It's down to us to help change the narrative.

Niki Evangelou | Co-Founder | The Cat’s Mother 

Shout about whatever it is that you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to ask people to support you and take every opportunity you get, while you can. Most importantly, get out there and network! You never know where one single conversation could lead you.

Look out for more details of the next event in the series to be announced soon. 

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by ICMP staff writer
February 26, 2020
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