BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart top tips for new artists

Watch BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart talk about what it takes for emerging artists to triumph in 2018…


BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart is one of the UK music industry’s most important tastemakers.

From his shows on the BBC to his label Hometown Records and Slacker club night, Phil’s impeccable taste and well-tuned ears have helped unearth some of the best new acts around.

We were lucky enough to welcome Phil to ICMP in June for an afternoon of A&R 1:1 sessions with our students and alumni through our careers team, The Hub and caught him for an interview. 

Phil started out playing in bands during his teens, making tea for the BBC in Belfast before getting a break as a presenter.

He said: 

"I spent six or seven months recording demos trying to get myself up to speed as a presenter and ensure I would be better than anyone else. Then when I thought I was ready, I sent over my demo to Radio 1 just as a band would send in a demo. They picked it up, liked it and put me on the radio which doesn’t happen very often." 

The key to sending your music or anything you're proud of to industry is to make sure it’s as good as it can be, then fluke it from there!"   

We chatted to Phil about his afternoon with ICMP artists as well as getting his thoughts on BBC Introducing, tips for new acts and how emerging artists should attempt to get their music on BBC Radio 1.

He said:

"The traditional model of the music industry has been disrupted in the best possible way. Previously the door was closed to new artists but the internet has totally changed everything. Young artists have worked it out faster because they’re a bit more savvy.

If you’re an entrepreneur, then this is the perfect time." 

Watch our interview with Phil: 

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by Jim Ottewill
August 22, 2018
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