Sandy Beales

Sandy Beales was an ICMP student when we were known as BassTech. He’s toured the world with One Direction, the most popular UK band since The Beatles , for over 4 years.

When asked about how he landed this incredible gig, he replied: “In the Autumn of 2011 they held auditions in London, and fortunately I fit the bill for what they were looking for. Since then it’s all gone a bit crazy. From what we originally thought would be a UK tour became two world tours and performances on many of the world’s most prestigious TV shows and awards ceremonies.”

As a skilled session musician, Sandy has been playing with other rock, pop and R&B artists during the years, such as Wheatus and Loick Essien.

Sandy is now taking a break from touring and is currently teaching and session working. He held a masterclass with Jon Shone in January 2017 at the ICMP, where they shared with our students all the experience acquired during these years touring the world. 

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