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Kenwyn House (guitar), Dominic Greensmith (drums) and Jack Bessant (bass) are the original members of popular British rock band Reef.  All three studied with our tutor Pete Whittard, back in the early nineties, when we were known as the Guitar Institute - also studying alongside Fraser T Smith

Whilst still studying , their single "Naked", was used in a TV advert for the Sony MiniDisc. In the ad a record company executive hears the track on MiniDisc, throws it out of the window disapprovingly, but a young person outside picks it up, listens to it and likes it (demonstrating the format's durability). 

Although the group enjoyed the majority of their success in the 1990's with album 'Glow' reaching number one in the UK charts, they have had in total eight UK Top 20 singles. Their best known single is the track 'Place Your Hands', immediately recognisable for its catchy guitar hook and uplifting chorus, reached number 6 in the UK singles chart.

During their touring in '94 and '95 Reef supported Paul Weller,The Rolling Stones and Soundgarden, amongst others, and have since played at countless festivals, including Leeds & Reading, & Glastonbury. The band continued releasing music and touring throughout the nineties. 

In 1999, they released their third album Rides, recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, the same studios used by The Beach Boys for Pet Sounds and Michael Jackson for Thriller. Working with 'Glow' producer George Drakoulias, the band also enlisted the skills of David Campbell (father of Beck) for the string arrangements.  The album was very well received by critics, but commercially could not match the earlier success of its predecessor 'Glow'.

Following a break in the early 2000, the band re-grouped and been touring and playing high profile festivals such as Isle Of Wight Festival, Cornbury Festival and Glastonbury Festival, ever since.

In April 2016, Reef opened for two of the Coldplay concerts in June 2016 at Wembley Stadium and in May 2018 the band launched their fifth album, Revelation.

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