Ben Cullingworth

BMus graduate, drummer Ben Cullingworth scored the part of understudy as Ringo for West End Musical 'Let It Be' at the Savoy Theatre.

"Basically, I heard about the auditions through Phil Martin (former student) who currently plays the part of Ringo. He shares the part with another drummer, who is now leaving. The company wanted to replace this guy, and so held auditions that I believe were only through recommendations by the musicians currently working on the show. For my first audition, I had to sit in a small room with John, the MD, with just a drum kit and play through the tracks from memory. There were about 5 tracks played on just drums and one that was vocals and drums. The audition went great and a couple of weeks later I got a phone call from the casting agency asking me to come back and do a second audition. It was on stage and was great fun. About 3 weeks went by and I was finally sent a contract for the understudy role of Ringo for Feb-Oct 2013 at the Savoy Theatre, alongside another drummer, Luke. I cannot wait to get started, I've been down to see the show a couple of times and it's ace!”

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