Agus with guitar

Agus Gonzalez-Lancharro moved to London from Barcelona in 2005 to join ICMP.

During his second year at the ICMP he was caught by the magic of synchronization for picture with ICMP tutor and composer Maurizio Malagnini´s lessons and started taking private lessons with him to improve. In the meantime, Agus toured Europe as a guitarist with very top metal artist like Rick Altzi (Masterplan) and Alex Landenburg (Stratovarius, LT´s Rhapsody) and recorded with the legendary producer and guitarist for King Diamond, Andy LaRocque in his Swedish studio, as well as many other projects in a lot range of styles, from gospel to funk .

His bands have shared stage with the likes of Deep Purple, Scorpions, Y&T, Steve Lukather, House Of Lords and Yngwie Malsmteen. He went on to complete a Masters in Composing for Film & TV at Kingston University and set up his own company called Really Slow Motion, gathering several specialised tracks put together by a talented team of composers under his guidance and production, and went to Hollywood to advertise them. Since March 2013 he has licensed music for top movie blockbusters including Oblivion, Star Trek Into Darkness, After Earth, World War Z, Pacific Rim and more.

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