Learning Resources

As an ICMP student, you’ll have access to a dedicated floor of learning resources at our Kilburn campus to help make your studies a success. Our learning area features communal social areas, three dedicated music production rooms for use by all students, and pianos situated throughout the building so you can tap out a tune whenever inspiration strikes. It’s equipped with iMacs, books, archives, digital collections and much more.

Our extensive library

The ICMP library has been designed as a quiet and flexible study space for you to use between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week. It contains all core and recommended course texts, extensive digital and archival collections, PC computer workstations, a printer and a photocopier.

Assistance from the ICMP librarian is available from 10am to 2pm Monday to Thursday, but outside these hours a self-service system operates for the borrowing, renewing and returning of books. Online access to ICMP’s library catalogue is available and you can also use the extensive collection of our education partner, the University of East London.

High-tech IT equipment

ICMP has over 120 iMacs available for use, all fully equipped with a variety of control surfaces, keyboards and DAWs such as Ableton and Logic, as well as Microsoft Office applications. As soon as you enrol with us, you’ll be given your own Office365 account so you can install Microsoft software on multiple personal computers, plus 1TB of online storage space.

Virtual learning

You can also manage your academic life thanks to ICMP’s virtual campus, Canvas, which lets you review course information, submit work, upload videos, gain feedback and check your study progress. Our state-of-the-art digital ecosystem also includes the student information portal My.ICMP, which hosts important information relating to every aspect of life at ICMP – from booking studios and accessing wellbeing support, to taking part in unique music industry opportunities offered by our Careers and Industry Liaison team.


You also have access to pioneering systems to improve your learning experience like Auralia – an online tool to help build your aural perception and enhance your acute and critical hearing; Open Athens, which allows you to access ICMP’s digital textbooks easily and securely from home with a single sign-on/single password authentication system; and timetabling software, Celcat.

All students have access to their own Microsoft 365 digital services bundle, which includes all MS Office apps and dedicated cloud storage for your projects;  Student Helpdesk, which lets you request support across a range of student issues; and our student and alumni social platform, ICMP Life.

TV and radio resources

Being an ICMP student means you have access to a whole host of unique television and radio broadcasts for your studies, via subscriptions and licenses purchased by ICMP.

Box of Broadcasts is an academically focused archive that lets you view over 2.2 million searchable files from over 75 free-to-air broadcast media channels dating back to the 1970s. You can access the subscription on all your devices and it includes brilliant music content from BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, ITV, Channel 4, Film4, ten foreign language channels including Italian, French and German, plus the BBC Shakespeare Archive dating back to the 1950s. It’s part of the Simple Little Library System, which also includes access to the Rock’s Backpages digital library of pop music articles.

Our Educational Recording Agency licence allows ICMP faculty members to make recordings and copies of a whole range of copyrighted works across different genres – from music and drama, to the arts and literary works. As well as using our created libraries and collections of broadcasts, you’ll have access to online and on-demand services, such as BBC iPlayer, for educational use.