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Open Mic Night • A student-led live event
by BA Creative Music Production student Alex Laertis

The Open mic nights at the North London Tavern have been quickly gathering an amazing variety of musicians and ICMP students. A safe environment for new and established musicians to try out new songs, advertise their own releases and shows, and even let students start their new steps into live music performance.

The series of events was started by ICMP BA (Hons) Creative Music Production student Alex Laertis, a London- based artist, singer-songwriter and producer coming from Greece. He arrived in London in 2019 to boost his music career where he formed his band for his original music with his fellow musicians Samuel Perreira and Omer Kaan yordakul.


Talking to Alex about his popular event series, he gave us an insight into what inspired him to start the Open Mic Nights:

Why are events like these important to ICMP students?

“I believe open mic nights in general are the tool for any songwriter, experienced or new, to achieve their goals for their music. Whether that is trying a new song, practising a cover, or even trying out a new skill or instrument it’s a safe environment to attempt new things.”

What inspired you to start the open mic nights?

“My answer to that is simple. My love for live music and my love for new music. I know so many people who write these amazing songs that we never get to hear for many reasons. So, my goal is to create this friendly environment where people can just relax and play their music and I love every minute of it.”

What advice would you have for budding musicians who are unsure about taking part in live events or are maybe nervous about performing to a live audience?

"This is actually one of the reasons the event was started in the first place. I know it's scary because I have been there myself. But the answer and my only advice is simple. You just got to do it. Even if it's bad the first time the second time I promise it will be better. And then it only gets better."

To have experience performing you must start doing it. That’s why I love this open mic night because it’s really a safe environment for true artistic expression."

Open Mics at the North London Tavern take place every Wednesday from 7pm.

Check out @alexlaertis on Instagram for more info.

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