MA Vocal Studies Course | ICMP London

ICMP is delighted to announce the launch of our new MA Vocal Studies degree for singers and vocal professionals looking to take their career to the next level.

The one-year degree is aimed at postgraduate students wanting to explore every theoretical aspect of vocal technique, including breath work and posture alongside vocal health's connection to the mind, body and voice. 

Students will have the chance to develop their performance abilities although the main focus of the course explores every aspect of the 'the voice' through research and evidence-based learning.   

Lucinda Allen, Teaching Fellow in Vocal Studies, said: "It's so exciting to be able to offer the course so many vocalists have been asking for!"

The degree will be an exciting balance of the latest skills in understanding voice, mind and body all through the creative lens of song and lyric."

"Up-to-date knowledge. creative application, detailed feedback and industry experience are at the heart of this progressive programme!"

Students will have the choice of two optional modules - Vocal Coaching or Voice and Community - before concluding with the Major Project module and creating an industry-standard portfolio exploring their own interests and talents. The focus is on vocal quality over performance. 

MA Vocal Studies: Open-minded and industry-focused

Explore the intricacies of the voice as an instrument with this one-year postgraduate vocal course that seamlessly combines theory and research with practical learning. By examining vocal techniques in the context of your own voice, you’ll then discover how to lead others – perfect for aspiring vocal coaches, MDs and choral leaders.

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