ICMP's Head of Music Business and Marketing Ken Foreman and Senior Programmes Manager Yannis Iliopoulos attended the Tallinn Music Week Conference in Estonia to contribute to conversations surrounding the future of Europe’s music industry. 

The event saw them join many top music business experts, professionals, academics and thought leaders to share ideas, discuss trends and topics over 12th - 13th May.

Yannis contributed to discussions as part of Music Moves Europe Dialogue Session, a panel exploring the future of a sustainable European music ecosystem featuring Professor Dr. Carsten Winter (Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media), Frank Kimenai (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Klaartje Bult (EU business manager at ESNS), Dino Lupelli (General Manager of Music Innovation Hub and Linecheck), Helen Sildna (Founder and Director of Tallinn Music Week), and representatives from the European Commission. 


He delivered a Business Development Workshop for start-ups looking to monetise their music industry business ideas and ventures. The session gave participants insights into case studies and tools to help validate assumptions, refine value propositions, and optimise pricing strategies. 

Yannis also moderated the panel on Digital Innovation and A.I in the industry and introduced two keynote speakers, Linnar Viik, founder of PoCo.art and Agnes Chung, Senior Director AI & Search at musicube by Songtradr. 

Commenting, Yannis said: "As Senior Programmes Manager at ICMP's School of Business and Marketing, I recently had the distinct pleasure of participating in the insightful Tallinn Music Week Conference 2023 along with Ken Foreman, ICMP's Head of Business and Marketing." 

The experience further reinforced the importance of our work at ICMP, where we strive to shape future music industry leaders and equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed at the highest level."


"As a moderator of the ‘HEMI - Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation’ and ‘Music Estonia’ panel on Digital Innovation and A.I., I had the opportunity to draw from our practice-based research at ICMP, which empowers students to explore how AI and other innovative technologies influence the music landscape, and discuss with my fellow industry practitioners how AI and other disruptive technologies shape the music industry."

"Lastly, I delivered the ‘HEMI - Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation’ Business Development workshop, in which we critically examined successful business model designs for music start-ups with a community of experienced and aspiring founders."

Continuing, Yannis said: "I would like to express my gratitude to the organising teams and colleagues who made this event a success, with special thanks to ICMP for always pushing us to innovate in music business education."

To my fellow academics and music industry professionals, I encourage us all to continue developing a sustainable, inclusive, and forward-thinking music ecosystem. Our collaboration is vital as we prepare the next generation of music industry leaders at institutions such as ICMP."

"I look forward to our continued discussions and collaborations at forthcoming conferences, where we will further our shared mission of innovation in music business academia and industry."

ICMP Tutors with Ed O'brien

Both Ken and Yannis attended a key discussion on higher education for music and art management and also met Ed O'Brien from Radiohead (pictured above) during his interview with Oisin Lunny, Co-Founder of Galaxy of OM, marketer, podcaster, and event MC among many other roles. 

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