We have been delighted to welcome artist Lisa Kwei to our six-month Music Production and Sound Engineering course as part of a newly launched Audient sponsorship. 

Lisa is blogging about her experiences on the course during her time with us. You can follow Lisa on her blog for more.

Lisa's Learning #5

Well, I can’t believe I’m into my last month at ICMP. It has gone so quickly and so much has happened.

This month, the highlight was being in studio one with the wonderful huge Audient desk and being able to write and record a little ditty with my fellow classmates. You can hear a little snippet of the counter-melody that I wrote over Richard Solis' guitar progression via my blog. 

It made me realise how much I love the studio and how protective and disarming it is to shut the world out and be in that space. You can almost forget your troubles or troubles of the world for five minutes and feel a world free of pain and full of music."

So after a tumultuous month of Covid-19 tests, colds and coughs, mum's hospital stays and so much more, this ritual again brought me back to life, back to the essential part of me that doesn’t want to do anything else except make music! From the inception to full birth it renews me every time just like my little girl's smile and in a world like we have today, where so much is happening in Ukraine, that is more than enough!

Keep smiling people and put your best foot forward. It’s all you can do, oh and don’t stop loving and creating music either!

Much love and peace!

Lisa Kwei

Visit Lisa's blog for more. 

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