ICMP’s BA Creative Musicianship student Sean Arkless managed to turn a night of busking into a new live music business opportunity. 

After cancelling a planned evening of performing in central London due to wet weather, our student managed to persuade a nearby pub to host a night of live music just days later, calling on friends and talent from across the ICMP community to support the initiative. 

Commenting, Sean said:

I explained to the manager of the White Lion Pub how we’d be able to provide a PA and live performers. She was very keen to give it a go although they had never organised anything like it before.”

Despite losing his phone while organising the night, Sean managed to overcome the challenges and successfully promote the event featuring Miriam Faylinn, Sven Ross, Jackson Gilles and Dreamatique. 

Sean said:

The night was amazing - for a first gig I could only call it a success. The event ran perfectly to time, the artists I organised were a hit, and they all had the whole bar singing with them at some point during their set."

Sean is now in the process of launching his new SJARK Entertainment business and looking for a permanent home for his live events. 

“I’m planning to put on an intimate first years showcase where the students can bring friends and family to demonstrate their accomplishments throughout their first year at ICMP. Onwards and upwards!” 

Connect with Sean on Facebook to find out more about his music and upcoming projects. 

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