Evin Durkin, a BMus guitar student at ICMP, has created a new virtual performance of Elton John’s ‘Circle of Life’ entitled ‘A Collaboration For The Future’ to raise money for UNICEF.

Released on Wednesday 24th June and featuring more than 40 of ICMP’s tutors and students, ‘A Collaboration For The Future’ initially came from Evin’s desire to work with anyone from ICMP who helped influence his musical journey prior to the Covid-19 lockdown.

As the project and list of collaborators grew, Evin took on the role of Musical Director and decided he wanted to promote this new arrangement of the classic Elton John song beyond the college to raise money for UNICEF during the global pandemic.

Evin said:

I initially wanted to share a message of hope with my ICMP colleagues. But as the project took shape, I realised the arrangement was going to be very empowering so I decided to take this message outside my social circle.”

The new arrangement was structured to communicate the power of hope and to guide those who have lost their way during this extraordinary time.

Evin added: “The beauty of this project came through collaborating with my ICMP peers and working closely with so many incredibly talented, experienced and open-minded creators. The goal is now to reach as many people as possible while raising awareness and money for UNICEF in the process.”

Ahead of the Covid-19 lockdown, Evin had left London and returned to his family home in Ireland. It meant he was challenged to to pull the track together without a Wi-Fi connection.

He added: “I was definitely kept on my toes while bringing the project to life. I was sending multiple parts of the arrangement back and forth, all through the personal hotspot on my iPhone as my family’s home in Ireland has no broadband.”

You can watch the video below and donate to the campaign now.

Visit empathyuk.info for more information.

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