Using Ableton Live, our online courses is the perfect starting point to gain a solid foundation as someone that's interested in music production. Our self-paced Introduction to Ableton Live course will allow you to grasp the fundamentals and create your own tracks in no time.

ICMP is an Ableton Certified Training Centre, so we're well placed to get you started with the powerful Ableton Live platform. This course is perfect for beginners interested in electronic music, both for performances, a career or just for fun! From composing tracks, to sampling and recording, arranging and mastering - this could will leave you confident in how to access a wealth of features that the platform offers.  

Experiment with creating your own music, before transferring your tracks into a live performance setting. You'll have the opportunity to create music in a range of different styles across genres that suit your own interests.

When you complete this entry-level level, you'll develop all the skills you need to use the Ableton Live platform confidently:

  • Create tracks of your own, in multiple styles and genres
  • Implement techniques including warping, time-stretching, arranging within a timeline, and quantisation
  • Be creative by forming your own instruments, allowing you to go beyond the platform’s existing instrument libraries
  • Keep your tracks, samples or projects organised for internal routing using Drum Rack  
  • Understand how to use the Beats and Grooves feature to create unique grooves and energise your patterns when you extract and apply them
  • Learn how to make the most of Ableton Live’s mixing and mastering functions to finesse your tracks

If you want to learn how Ableton Live can transform your music production, and are happy to work independently, this course is perfect for you.

Our online, interactive Introduction to Ableton Live course features all the materials you need to get up to speed with the Ableton Live platform. At the end of your course, you'll retain access to the course materials so you can review it whenever you need to.

You’ll receive your log-in details to our learning platform within 48 hours of your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Key facts

  • Music production online course
  • Build confidence with using Ableton Live
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Step-by-step structured learning
  • Start at any time
  • Course materials are delivered online and are downloadable
  • Materials include HD videos

This music production online course has been developed by ICMP tutor Marcello Ruggiu – a fully qualified Ableton Certified Trainer. Marcello has been making electronic music since he was a teenager in his bedroom with his Yamaha sequencer, drum kit and computer. He’s managed and operated recording studios in both the UK and Italy across his esteemed career.


Marcello is an expert at using Ableton Live in his electronic music production both at home and in the club, where he performs under the name ‘Amousement’. He runs regular CRUX audio/visual nights across London and has recently published an Ableton guidebook sharing the tips, tricks and expertise he’s gained over the past decade as an Ableton trainer.


There are no specific course entry requirements, as this course has been especially designed for beginners with no previous experience using Ableton Live. You’ll need to have an Ableton Live subscription, though, and the platform installed on your own computer in order to complete this course.


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