Event Details

Event date: 
08 March 2023
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
Room 206 - ICMP Kilburn

It's Good To Talk - University Mental Health Day 2023

In support of University Mental Health Day, on Wednesday 8th March the Student Wellbeing Team are hosting an in-person drop-in session tackling the themes of "Perfectionism" and "Performance Anxiety".

This is a safe space for you to come and talk about your experiences and discuss ways to help you overcome these challenges and thrive at ICMP.

No booking required!

Please note that our weekly wellbeing drop-in sessions will continue to run until 30th March too, helping support students to increase their:

  • confidence undertaking presentations, performances or speaking in groups
  • motivation to start and complete a task
  • productivity
  • time management skills
  • understanding of mindfulness techniques
  • diet and fitness levels

The sessions can also provide advice about how to register and talk to your GP, or start a conversation about any aspect of your health & wellbeing, including sexual health.