Our Belong Initiative is designed to support and incentivise student-led extra-curricular events, specifically those that aim to engage a wide range of students and showcase the hyper diversity of our student body.


Belong is a programme of student-led events that promote inclusion, social integration, sharing of values and intercultural artistic expressions between the ICMP community.

This initiative aims to support mindful and inclusive events that places emphasis on the diversity of student self-expression and musical creativity, and challenges participants to conceptualise multiple and inclusive musical worlds.

Students! If you've got an idea for an event, we'll help you make it happen.

If you have an idea and want to discuss it further don't hesitate to reach out to the ICMP Events Team for guidance and feedback. If you're ready to roll, you can pitch your idea using the form linked below.

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If you have any questions around the Belong Initiative or anything else events related, please don't hesitate to contact our Events Team who will be happy to help.

Email: events@icmp.ac.uk

The Common Grounds Series

The Common Ground Series

ICMP’s Common Ground Series is a space for students to share their passions and inspirations with our community. A great online platform for students and alumni to share their past and current performance projects and discuss what’s going on in the world of music.

Each 'episode' of the event series is unique and follows a different theme, the most recent in the series celebrated Black History Month and offered a space for the student community to perform, celebrate and discuss the state of music.

Uplift: End-of-Term Celebration

Uplift: End-of-Term Celebration

The inspiration for Uplift came after many frustrating encounters with various London promoters who put on up-and-coming acts, put no real effort into promoting the event, and take 80% of the money generated from ticket sales.

Through the Belong Initiative a group of students took matters into their own hands, putting on a student-led celebration featuring and recognising up-and-coming acts from the ICMP community.

What you will receive:

  • Mentoring from ICMP's experienced Events Team
  • Funding for your idea to put towards the resources required to make your event happen - software, freelancers, hire fees, etc
  • Support with creating digital assets and promotional materials

What you'll gain:

  • First-hand event management experience, from planning and marketing through to the event launch
  • The opportunity to expand your all-important network
  • Make your mark on our event calendar and provide tailored opportunities for yourself and your fellow students

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Events should promote one or more of the following:

  • Diversity of music-making across a wide range of musical activities and genres (including those genres considered underrepresented)

  • Respect for diverse learning styles

  • Co-operation among students across subjects and genres

  • Inclusion and celebration of ethnic and cultural diversity within the ICMP community

  • Cross-cultural collaborations which provide opportunities to create united histories, cultural practices, and ideals

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