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Event date: 
23 April 2021
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
ICMP Online

As part of 'Stress Awareness Month' we'll be hosting a special day of 'stress-busting' activities for students.

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April, since 1992 to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. This years theme is 'Regaining Connectivity, Certainty and Control', inlight of this, we're filling our Stress-Buster Day on Friday 23rd APril with virtual workshops and activities. The events are open to all ICMP students, alumni and staff to take part in and enjoy.

We will have a virtual Stress-Buster Cafe running for the whole day, giving students the opportunity to log in and chat to their peers about everything and anything, from music, to stress relief tips to discussing your favourite films and series! We'll also have members of our Wellbeing Team and Events Team dropping in to introduce themselves and give an insight into services provided as well as sharing some stress-busting tips for you to try!

There will be some great activities and workshops taking place in breakout rooms throughout the day, hosted by some of our wonderful faculty and some exciting external guests, details of which can be found below:



10AM - 10:30AM - Unlocking Your Breath & Stress Relief
with Teaching Fellow in Vocal Studies, Lucinda Allen

Coordinating your breath to your mind and body is the key to optimal function. Understanding this helps us breathe more efficiently and gives us the tools to deal with moments when this is compromised e.g., in times of stress or anxiety. 
This session will give you opportunity to check in with yourself and bring the body and the breath back to balance to be at your best. In this session we will be addressing:

  • How posture effects your breathing and wellness

  • How to release muscle tension

  • How to find balance and calm with effective simple exercises that fit into your daily routine when life becomes 'unbalanced'."

12PM - 1PM - Meet The Wellbeing Team
with Mental Health Advisor, Christina Clark

Meet one of our Wellbeing Team's in-house Mental Health advisors and find out what services ICMP's Wellbeing Team offers it's students. Christina will also be sharing some fun stress-busting tips and tricks for you to try as well as giving you an overview of the wider Wellbeing Team and explaining their roles and responsibilities!

3PM - 5PM - Release Your Body, Release Your Mind
with in-house Alexander Technique Teacher Jane Gregory

You may not realise that anxiety is a normal nervous system state, designed to protect you from danger. The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool to help you quiet your nervous system by releasing tension in the body.
In this session, there will be many practical tips on how to get into a quieter nervous system state fast, the Alexander Technique is a self-help technique and therefore you will be able to apply what you learn in this session right away in your daily life. 

For part of the session we will be lying on the floor, you will need:

  • small carpeted space, or a yoga mat

  • some books to put under your head

  • a blanket or similar (towel, duvet etc)

6PM - 7PM - Meditation Practice 
with Donato Panaccio

Awareness is the key that brings about spontaneous changes and helps to recognize uniqueness, strengths, values ​​and resources to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Training attention with meditation allows to effectively ride even the most complex challenges, discovering how to adapt to situations and develop new skills.
This session will offer some tips and practical tools to:

  • Broaden your perspective to transform challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Develop productivity, adaptation and resourcefulness even in changing and challenging contexts
  • Gain strength, presence and self-confidence in the midst of uncertainty and complexity
  • Maintain Focus, Clarity and Attention in the face of sudden changes

Moreover, you'll receive a recorded guided meditation that can help you to navigate difficult times and to develop a healthy daily routine.



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