Stéphane Alaux playing guitar

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20 March 2015
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The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Stéphane Alaux, (‘Fanalo) is a French Metal/Rock guitarist is mainly known for being the guitarist and composer of instrumental metal band Plug-In.

He is also known as the sideman of the American guitar-hero Ron Thal (Guns'n'Roses) in his band ‘Bumblefoot’. Nowadays, he revisits Jimi Hendrix's repertoire with a group comprising Jean Fontanille (Guitarextrême, BendNote), Shob (Thousand Raven, Eths) and Roger Biwandu (Joe Zawinul, Salif Keirta, Jeff Beck, Bireli Lagrene).

During his professionnal and artistic career, he has also played with Shawn Lane, Mattias Eklundh, , Mickael Kenneally, Michael Manring, Norbert Krief, Patrick Rondat, Christophe Godin, Ivan Rougny, and Pierre Belleville.

The last Plug-in album ‘Hijack’ (2001) was produced in collaboration with Andy Timmons, Sylvain Coudret (Soilwork), Mattias Eklundh, Christophe Godin, Ron Thal and Patrick Rondat.

Stéphane has Pedagogical Director of the C.I.A.M (Bordeaux) since 2003, and has contributed to various teaching materials such as the national magazine Guitarextrême, and the websites Bendnote and Guitarlive.

Stéphane is endorsed by the ‘Elixir’ strings brand which he's using exclusively.

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