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23 March 2021
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Online - Booking Essential

After a successful trial of running Group coaching session over a six week period during the previous lockdown, the Student Wellbeing Team have decided to continue to offer this great opportunity to students at ICMP.

These sessions provide a safe, supportive environment to share thoughts, challenges and learnings, and to design ways forward with an emphasis on structure and gentle accountability. They are run by Kate Craker who has experience in the music industry as a freelance professional cellist, manager and record company director and understands the life of a musician.

About Kate Craker...
Kate explores ways to help you organise your days to achieve more, set manageable goals and the importance of building structure into your life to keep you positive, motivated, focussed and mentally healthy. Students bring their own thoughts and challenges to the groups which provide a respectful, supportive space for discussion.

What students said they got out of the sessions…
“These sessions helped me plan my days and weeks ahead much better”
..a sense of "we are doing it together", "I am not in this situation alone".
“I learned ways to better control moments of anxiety, stress or procrastination”

Join on Zoom every Tuesday from 2 pm until the end of March 2021.