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Event date: 
11 October 2023
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Venue Address: 
ICMP, Queen's Park Venue

Join us for an exciting and insightful Q&A with the Director of London's iconic Chip Shop Brixton!

Established as a hub for hip-hop enthusiasts, Chip Shop Brixton has hosted countless legendary performances and is at the epicenter of London's rap scene.

Gain exclusive access to the creative genius behind this iconic event in this Q&A with it's director, Michael Lythgoe. 

To top the night off, the Q&A session will be followed by a live DJ set - offering a taste of the atmosphere at Chip Shop's events.

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Michael Lythgoe


Michael Lythgoe is the visionary entrepreneur behind the iconic Chip Shop located in the vibrant neighborhood of Brixton. With a passion for hip hop culture and a love for good food, Michael transformed his dream into a reality by opening this one-of-a-kind eatery.

Born with an insatiable appetite for creativity and innovation, Michael set out to blend the world of hip hop music with the classic British chip shop experience. Since its inception, the Chip Shop has become a beloved institution not just for its delectable fish and chips but also for its role as a cultural hub.

Under Michael's leadership, the Chip Shop has hosted countless legendary hip hop performers, such as Chuck D of Public Enemy , Ice T , Mobb Deep , BReal of Cypress Hill , Klashnekoff, Talib Kweli , Ghetts Rag n' Boneman and may more making it a hotspot for both emerging talent and established legends.

Michaels dedication to preserving the spirit of hip hop while serving up mouthwatering dishes has earned him recognition in the culinary and music worlds. His fusion of flavors and beats has left an indelible mark on Brixton, leaving visitors with unforgettable memories and a taste of hip hop history.

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