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13 May 2020
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ICMP London on Instagram

Sha is hosting her Shananigans interviews on the ICMP London Instagram account.
She told us about the idea behind it:
"Not all superheroes have 1m followers on Instagram. Not everyone lives within the confines of the likes and follows - and here's one superwoman, Chi Chi, who's doing tons perhaps 'under the radar' With the insane pressure to have a 'social media' presence - this proves to be a person who does amazing things, without having to be social media-heavy".

Chi Chi Nwakodo was thrilled when she landed her first job in music last year — a three-month internship at Black Sheep, the in-house agency of the global marketing firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty. But she knew it was temporary. The now-24-year-old Londoner wanted some guidance in navigating an often nontransparent music business, which, like much of entertainment, politics and media, has been shaken by widespread (and longstanding) accusations of sexual harassment and workplace misogyny.

“When I found that they were offering a mentoring scheme for women in music I jumped at the chance, as these opportunities are rare,” Nwakodo said.
With SheSaid.So, she found an experienced peer, Sharon Dean, who taught her about music supervision, sync and licensing, and helped her land her current job at the music publisher Sony ATV this year.

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