Event Details

Event date: 
20 October 2022
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
The Fiddler, 229 Kilburn High Road

Join us for a night hosted by Kilburn Fringe Festival as they present a very special showcase of ICMP rising talent.

Kilburn Fringe is a month-long, free celebration of local North West London musical talent taking place across some of Kilburn’s best known pubs and cafés. From sweet soul to jazz, funk, rock, blues and reggae, through to Kilburn’s very own stars of tomorrow from ICMP,  the festival offer something for all ages.

This free one-off event at the Fiddler will showcase the talents of ICMP artists: Slicko, CHRLI, Lejaune and Cash Boogie.

Doors open at 7PM, and the night will be capped off with a DJ afterparty - definitely a night not to be missed!


The line-up...


Slicko’s creative world is an ever changing place: a universe of growth and introspection governed by love and instinct. His energy is felt intensely through work that ranges from subtle investigations of heartbreak to synthesised rage, and has led to a strong catalogue of music and numerous prosperous collaborations. He projects a strong identity across many disciplines. Slicko is at once rapper, singer, producer, and director, always studious and looking to learn through artistic dedication. 

Slicko’s voice is uncompromisingly unique. He sings in a driven glide and raps in tight bursts, often swapping between the two in an instant. Across full length projects like “Mortal Bodies” and the self produced “Cosmic Highway” stories are told as a collection of unpredictable jigsaw sequences. He’s also a keen collaborator, having worked closely with blkglam, AKMZ, Heartbreak SZN, and The John Williams Syndicate. Often mystically produced, these songs are given a sense of reality by Slicko’s consistently open use of emotion - each hazy beat and catchy hook is an invitation to truly feel the journey unfold.

Now based in London, Slicko has committed to exploring new ideas. He’s never content with stasis, and never loses sight of his artistic language; whether in music, video, or any one of his other roles, he remains committed to fashionably intricate style, pushing as hard as ever to make space for creative ideas.


19 year old independent singer-songwriter CHRLI, moved to london in 2021 to pursue her career as a recording-artist. She released her debut single ‘Deep End’ in July 2022 and working on other projects that are in the pipeline for release by the end of the year. CHRLI is beginning to curate a portfolio of versatility through her art. There are imminent plans to release tracks from sub-genres of R&B and her sound is prevalent throughout, with signature scalic riffs and distinct lyricism/writer’s craft which thus encapsulates her definitive vision and infinite appraisal of jazz/neo-soul influence. 


Lejaune is a soloist who has been writing and performing vocal and guitar-based songs for very many years. Influences? A real soft spot for infectious melodies and happily married Lyrics... E.G Stevie, Curtis and The Wailers. There is no fixed genre to describe the sound of mine, you are simply greeted with a unique delivery of guitar-driven melodies, which are tied together by the complimentary lyrics and pleasant sounding vocal. Many have come to enjoy, the interesting and relaxing, unpredictable organic flow of Lejaune. 


Cash Boogie is the artist name of Leo, an exciting new artist in the London Music Scene.