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Event date: 
11 January 2022
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
ICMP - Room 209

The Belong Initiative is a scheme aimed at supporting you in organising and managing your own events, through mentoring and financial support. This introductory event will give insight and explanation on how to apply and be part of this initiative. As a special treat we will have free pizza available to all attendees!

About the Belong Initiative:

As musicians and entrepreneurs, we know our students are full of great ideas. Our Belong initiative, allows students to pitch ideas and receive funding, along with help and guidance from our experienced Events Team, to make these events happen. 

Past events that have been supported by our Belong initiative have included:

  • The Common Grounds Series: A series of student-led events that provide our ICMP community a place to celebrate diversity and the state of the music industry.
  • Uplift End-of-Year Celebration: Born out of frustration with various London promoters, this event offers up-and-coming ICMP artists a place to shine.

The scheme is open to all enrolled ICMP students, if you have an idea and want to discuss it further don't hesitate to reach out to the ICMP Events Team for guidance and feedback. So come along and get involved!

Do you want to create an event?

Receive mentoring to launch your own event to the ICMP community!

Our new initiative 'Belong' will get your ideas off the ground with help from the ICMP Events Team.

If you have an idea that aims to connect the ICMP community, submit your proposal today.