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23 June 2022
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The Inside Scoop is a series of discussion-based webinars where our wellbeing team will discuss various topics around music and studying at higher education.
Whether it is moving away from home, traveling on the underground, meeting new people, sharing with flatmates, managing your own finances, budgeting, cooking your own food, applying to the Student Loans Company, coping with your studies, registering with a GP, homesickness or questions like "will I fit in"? We understand that many students have questions, doubts, and even fears when they are about to start studying at ICMP.

We also know that studying at ICMP can be different from studying at a traditional University so many students don't have people around them they can turn to for advice or guidance. Bring a coffee, tea, snack, relax, make yourself comfy and meet the Student Wellbeing Team who are on hand to answer your questions and support you as you navigate your way through your time with us.


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Alternatively, if you applied via UCAS, you can accept your offer by visiting UCAS here.

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