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Event date: 
22 January 2020
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Venue Address: 
Room 112 at ICMP, 1B Dyne Road, NW6 7XG, London

This will be the first 'How To Research' event, perfect for dissertation research, while open to everyone. This time we'll be talking to our Dean of Academic Studies, Prof. Tony Harris, about How To Research Music Education.

Tony's contribution to music education recently got him the Professor title, most notably due to his extensive research on the composer Cornelius Cardew and his influence on music in education, society and politics. Tony completed his Ph.D. on Cornelius Cardew at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2011; his research was successively included in a book, The Legacy of Cornelius Cardew, published in 2013, quickly become a seminal text on the composer, as including concepts and ideas that have been adopted by many music educators across the world. The book is available for loan from the ICMP library.

Other publications include five composition text-books for schools and a research project exploring music and children with special educational needs.

Tony Harris also founded the first music teaching training programme at Nottingham Trent University in 2005, and lead it for over 10 years, with significant impact on the quality of music in schools across the East Midlands. Furthermore, he has also worked extensively in orchestral education programmes, including projects with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the BBC. 

He joined ICMP as Dean of Academic Studies in 2016, building on its previous successes, putting a new academic strategy in place, strengthening the academic team, and preparing the Institute for its application to award our own degrees.