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21 July 2021
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Hiphop Songwriting Symposium

We are running a symposium to gather artists, thinkers and practioners with experience in Hip Hop Education together at ICMP to discuss the following question:

What are the tenets of hip-hop songwriting; how have these influenced contemporary songwriting practice (beyond conventional genre delineation); and how can we teach this effectively to our students?


Guest list:

Regi Angelou


Queens activist, educator, and rapper Regi Angelou offers a deep well of knowledge from her experience running beloved blog 'Young Black Mind', an expansive career in education and a passion for storytelling through music and slam poetry.

Isatta Sherriff


Having started her career as a rap artist in the early 2000s, Isatta Sheriff has grown into an eloquent voice of her generation and celebrated founder of Doctored Sound (a management and consultancy agency with an offshoot into music education). With lyrics exploring race, class, and poignant memories of East London, Sheriff has been finding ways to combine her passion for art with providing the next generation of artists with opportunities.

Jonas Grote


From producing spoken word artists to collaborating with jazz vocalists, MA Songwriting Course alumnus Jonas Grote is joining us to provide expert insight from his career in the music industry.



Hailing from Luton, Lavz is a standout creative force in a scene blending Hip-hop, R&B, soul and jazz, to create a unique and attention-grabbing sound. This is a great opportunity to hear from an experienced introspective songwriter.

Otis Mensah


Otis is a writer and performing artist with an alternative take on Hip Hop music and abstract poetry. Focusing on art as a means of documenting journeys of introspections, Otis' work aims to demonstrate the personal and political power of vulnerable expression.

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