Celebrating the Caribbean: Carnival at ICMP

Event Details

Event date: 
10 February 2022
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
ICMP - Room 209

In a day's event we aim to celebrate all that is the Caribbean. This event will be reflective of the extremely popular Carnival Festivals that we see happening in the Caribbean. There was no Notting Hill Carnival last year, but ICMP hopes to make up for it with our own event.

People can appreciate the various cultures here at ICMP through free food, music, fashion, movies, and by engaging in activities such as dancing, quizzes, and raffles with prizes to be won. Our prizes include items coming directly from the Caribbean as well as other treats and surprises.

About the Cultural Club:

Our Cultural Club is dedicated to spreading an understanding, appreciation and an awareness of the numerous cultures represented within the university. This is a club that aims to celebrate the students' identities and various cultural backgrounds. Individuals with various cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds can find students with similar backgrounds and explore new cultures here. In this club, individuals can reaffirm their own identity whilst sharing their traditions and values with others.

This Cultural Club will serve as a vital function to unite students who may be feeling disconnected from their own culture due to living away from home to study. People can appreciate the various cultures here at ICMP through food, music, clothing, movies and through more fun and exciting activities.

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