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Event date: 
07 October 2021
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
Room 112 at ICMP

Behind the Beat (BTB) is a rhythm section tutorial channel started by ICMP tutors Jon Harris and Ben Jones, focusing on the unique relationship between drums and bass.

Unlike the majority of tutorial-based content currently out there that focuses on teaching one instrument, we combine our expertise in both individual instrumental and ensemble pedagogy to focus on how drum and bass parts unify and support each other to create iconic grooves.

This unique approach allows viewers to get a richer and deeper understanding that can be directly transferred to their own bands/projects and support their development working with other players.

This interactive masterclass will focus on iconic rhythm sections and breaking down some of their most popular work. Participants will be invited to play the parts and receive feedback to help improve their understanding of groove, time, feel and communication within the rhythm section.

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