Tobias Hug

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Event date: 
19 February 2015
Event time: 
Venue Address: 
Room 101A, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

Exclusive Masterclass for Institute Students.

Use your voice like an instrument to create music playfully!

This will be a great masterclass for any vocalists or open-minded musicians who want to explore different ways of using their voice. 
The session will cover:
- The Basics of Beatboxing
- Using a Loop Station
- Improvisation Games - Circle Singing & Loop Songs

Don't miss this chance to: 
- Learn how to do new things with your voice
- Learn how to use your voice like an instrument
- Create music out of improvisations and musical games. 
- Learn how to use a loop station
And, most importantly - Have fun!

Tobias Hug Biography:

Explorer of the human voice, compassionate and inspiring teacher, consummate performer, universal mind, a cappella journeyman and beatbox gypsy –  Tobias Hug has been singing, teaching, travelling for almost 20 years. He is deeply involved in the a cappella and choral music scene around the globe, and most well-connected figures.

Based in London, Tobias has performed or collaborated with The Swingle Singers, Bobby McFerrin, World Music stars Zap Mama, the Puppini Sisters, the London Voices, Jazzchor Freiburg and many more. He currently performs with The Beatbox Collective, with his own Loop Solo Programme, and focuses on Master Studies in ‘Rhythmic Choir Conducting’at the Royal Conservatory of Aalborg, Denmark. His deep passion and commitment to teaching leads to workshops and residencies in places as diverse as Singapore, Norway, China and Kenya. Italy has recently been an important centre of his work, with Tobias being Artistic Director and co-Producer of Vocalmente, the first annual italian a cappella Festival.

Students can register via the Events Page on the VLE.