Event Details

Event date: 
10 October 2022
Event time: 
19:00 (BST)
Venue Address: 
Room 209 at ICMP 1b Dyne Road Dyne Road London NW6 7XG

Your Student Engagement Officer is inviting you to join the Awareness in Music Event Series.

These events A.I.M to raise awareness of EDI matters and celebrate diverse individuals within the community by encouraging students from the ICMP community to engage, educate, and challenge themselves on appropriate behaviours/attitudes – linked to both music industry and education.

It ensures that students can see how EDI applies in the real world and their chosen industry regarding: Race, Misogyny, Sexual Misconduct, Disability, and LGBTQIA+.

Each monthly event will open with a student performance, and targets to open up conversations and dialogue on lived experiences by following with a panel discussion amongst ICMP staff, relevant external guests and the student audience present.

We urge the entire student body to engage in such a vital educational experience. So please do join us for our first panel on Monday 10th October with our guest speaker Paulette Long, accompanied by our former Student President and EDI Officer (Joy and Monday) which will be discussing the topic of RACE. Paulette has worked in the music industry for over 30 years, championing music in a variety of settings, including music in education. Her interests and skill-set includes PR and communications, an in-depth understanding of the commercial music industry, and the promotion of diversity in arts and culture.

Book your place to celebrate diverse individuals within the ICMP community, using the button below: