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16 July 2020
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The Careers & Industry Hub, in partnership with Student Wellbeing, have curated a series of three webinars centred around the idea of exploring and discovering techniques, attitudes and behaviours which could benefit ICMP’s students and alumni in developing coping mechanisms and strategies to increase productivity, effectiveness and focus in what is, externally, a rather uncertain time. 

The second session will focus on coping strategies and how to thrive in a changing world and will be delivered by special guest, Lauren Johnson.

Lauren's Holistic Approach to Wellness is unique and highly effective at restoring balance and harmony to the body and mind. Using Homeopathy and Nutritional Therapy, she marries her extensive biological, psychological and lifestyle knowledge to treat you as the unique individual you are. Her approach not only helps you to be your best self but she equips you with the invaluable knowledge of how to continue to do so on your own. Lauren believes that knowledge is power and in empowering people to live their happiest and best lives, she is sharing the power of health. Let's thrive, not just survive!


Get involved with the EQualiser Series

Please get in touch with events@icmp.ac.uk if you are a musician, artist or music entrepreneur interested in contributing to the series. We'd also like to hear from any students or alumni who have ideas for future topics.