Do you have notebooks full of unfinished songs or song ideas that you’ve never been able to take to the next stage? You’re not alone! Lots of aspiring songwriters face creative or other blocks that are holding them back from developing completed work. This two-module, ten-lesson online course will give you the guidance you need to better structure your writing process, focus and expand your creativity, and gain knowledge of a range of musical genres to help with your craft.

Writing great songs doesn’t happen from tricks or quick tips. At ICMP we teach the craft of songwriting – focusing on the foundations of structure, content and melody. This practical course takes you step-by-step through the basic songwriting process and will leave you with a deeper understanding of the craft of songwriting and a broader spectrum of knowledge to draw inspiration from. 

What’s covered?

Module 1: Songwriting – an introduction

  • Lesson 1: The songwriting mindset – ethos and approach
  • Lesson 2: What’s covered in this course?
  • Lesson 3: Building songwriting foundations
  • Lesson 4: Learn the principles of analysing songs
  • Lesson 5: Learning in groups

 Module 2: Understanding the creative writing process

  • Lesson 1: Forget inspiration – that’s for amateurs
  • Lesson 2: How to deal with creative blocks
  • Lesson 3: The process of song idea generation
  • Lesson 4: The process of song idea development
  • Lesson 5: Setting creative yet realistic intention as part of your process


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Key facts

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Step-by-step structured learning
  • Start at any time
  • Gain confidence in your songwriting skills
  • Course materials are delivered online and are downloadable
  • Materials include HD videos
Course Author

‘Songwriting: The Basics’ has been written by highly regarded industry professionals and ICMP educators Megan O’Neill, Jonathan Whiskerd, Sophie Daniels and Tim Elsenberg. Well respected and known for their professional songwriting expertise, they are also songwriting educators and have launched the careers of hundreds of aspiring songwriters. They have worked with singers and songwriters such as Will Hicks (with Ed Sheeran and Lily Allen), Bruce Hughes (with Jason Mraz), Joshua Blair (with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars) and Jamie Cullen, and also played a large part in developing ICMP’s world-class songwriting curriculum.


To get the most from this self-paced course, you should have the ability to accompany your own songs through a recording or else live. This course is suitable for active songwriters who feel comfortable in sharing their ideas and pieces with peers.


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