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Our Songwriting Masters student on the upcoming 'E.P.I.S.O.D.A' project and recent trip to music city, Nashville...


As a singer, songwriter, presenter and activist, Satch Satchell is one of our most exciting MA Songwriting students. 

With plenty of musical and creative plates spinning, Satch's recent work includes 'E.P.I.S.O.D.A', a six song release depicting various stages in a relationship. The ambitious endeavour will include videos for each song as well as a live show and follows a fruitful trip to Nashville and the music festival, Tin Pan South. 

With so much excitement in the air, we managed to quiz Satch to find out more about music, studying with ICMP and where this ambitious artist is headed next... 

What attracted you to studying at ICMP? 

I felt the MA's course content would make me a better writer, especially in regards to the creative process module. I believe I was right! I also wanted to network with and meet more songwriters in London.

How have your experiences with us been? What have been the biggest things you learned on your course? 

I’ve loved it so far at ICMP. I’ve been inspired by the creativity of my fellow students and being around them has further ignited my passion for songwriting." 

I think the most important thing I’ve learned about is the professionalism of process. I’ve also made some incredible new pals, both at home and abroad!

Could you talk a little about your current musical projects - what's been keeping you busy? 

Last year I recorded a six track record called 'E.P.I.SO.D.A'. It explores the life cycle of a relationship, and while people are all different, they feel love and heartbreak in the same way. I recorded it before going on testosterone which caused my voice to break.

We used various vocal sounds to make up the beats and are about to record six videos. We’re also going to have a film premiere later in the year in London, where we’ll play live and I'll duet with myself down an octave! I just signed a management deal in NY so will take the show there next, followed by Berlin as we have a strong fan base there too. After that we hope to tour it wherever will have us! 

Aside from that, I’m writing an album as well as co-writing and teaching kids in hardship songwriting and live performance.

You recently made the trip over to Nashville - what made you want to go? And what was helpful about ICMP organising the trip? 

Its Nashville! All of it made me want to go. ICMP arranged for us to meet students from Belmont University. We made a lot of friends and connections there. We also got to perform on a round of songwriters and at ASCAP. It was also really cool to hang out with a bunch of people from ICMP in music city!

How did the trip help you expand your knowledge of songwriting? 

I think I learned more in that week in Nashville about songwriting than I have in the rest of my career. The standard is incredible and the people are diamonds. To be in a place where song craft is king and lyrics really matter was so refreshing. 

What writing/collaborating did you do while in the US? 

My publisher put me in touch with Steve Diamond who’s written more hits than you can shake a stick at! I also began writing with Molly Lyon who I met through Belmont. I networked like there was no tomorrow! And continued in New York on the way home. I’m still collaborating with ASCAP, Steve, Molly and other people I met remotely. The great thing about Nashville and New York was that no one gives you flannel! If they say they wanna work with you, they mean it and show up.

What's special about Tin Pan South?

That is the single greatest festival I’ve been to. To hear the writers play the songs they poured that heart into, in the original form they were written in was such an exceptional experience. I want to go every year! And wanna play there to be honest!

Did you go to any song feedback sessions/play any gigs while out there?

Yeah as I said I played at ASCAP who fortunately enjoyed the song and have been in talks with me since. That was genuinely a career highlight! I played on a round at Belmont which was a dream come true, to play in Nashville. I auditioned for Steve Diamond to write syncs with him and fortunately he liked what he heard too :-)

What's been the best piece of advice you've received about the music industry? 

Be nice.

For any aspiring songwriters/musicians, what are the best pieces of advice you'd give them? 

Be nice. Don't quit and you can never fail.

What's next for you and your music? 

The release of 'E.P.I.S.O.D.A.' followed by touring the show. I got engaged at Christmas so need to squeeze in a cheeky little wedding before persuading my new wife to move to Nashville with me. A fool proof water tight plan!

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May 28, 2019
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