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Watch our songwriting student L E I R E perform her track 'Senses’ as part of our Shure Motiv Sessions...


As live performance is at the heart of what we do at ICMP, we thought there’d be no better way to show this off than with some live sessions.  

In February, we invited a number of students in to record some quick-fire sessions using Shure’s Motiv 88 microphone. Next up to appear is our songwriting student L E I R E.  

Raised on country and Basque music, she now makes pop music with a more electronic feel. Watch a live performance of her track, 'Senses' below:

What is your musical project all about?  

After my last release 'Little Stronger' under the stage name of 'LeAnn Wilde'; I came to London and decided to start over and write songs based upon my new experiences. I was not feeling completely true to myself with the pseudonym 'LeAnn Wilde’, so I decided to use my real name 'L E I R E'. With all my pop, country and electronic influences I started to write music from a fresh perspective, and that's what my new project is about; a new me.  

What is the song you recorded for us about?  

The song I recorded is about certain passionate situations I've experienced. Wherever there is passion, all the senses are active, hence why I named the song 'Senses'. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?  

I always say that my inspirations develop and change as I grow up, as does my music. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I'm a bit dramatic. I admit it! I guess my biggest inspiration is this dramatic aspect of my personality, and in particular the way I overthink and turn my everyday situations into something to write about. I write about my own experiences and my close friends' experiences too.  

What drew you to ICMP - and what have you learned about yourself and your music from studying here?  

The positive aspects of change. I'm from a small town and I needed to change; to grow and to have some freedom. I was stuck, I came to ICMP to learn, live and then write. To 'rediscover' myself, I guess.  

What does the future for you and your music have in store? In all honesty, I have no idea. I think part of the beauty of life is not knowing what’s about to happen. I’m evolving, adapting and changing, and I'm really enjoying the process. I'm motivated, living my life as a creative process, and I have belief in my songwriting, so all I need to do is let the songwriting flow and see what arises. 

Visit L E I R E’s Facebook profile for more information.    

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April 13, 2018
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